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La diversité des paysages marocains
et l'hospitalité des habitants
ne peuvent laisser indifférents
et le souvenir reste indélébile.

People know this enchanted land for many things: Ancient kingdoms, a rich culture and exquisitely crafted windshields. The car window craft has ancient roots here that go back to the area's rich glass-making culture that first flowered under the Carthaginian Empire. To this day, it remains a global destination and minor obsession for enthusiasts of auto glass.

It should not surprise anyone that windshields have become such a fascination and occupation for the local car industry. The importance of a comfortable, climate-controlled cabin is even more apparent in the sandy deserts that surround this region. No doubt, you wouldn't enjoy a trip out on the dunes or a cruise along the majestic coast if you were not protected by one of the area's hand-made windshields.

If you're visiting as an enthusiast, you'll want to stay in the capital city where many auto manufacturers are a short distance away. Not every factory in the city provides guided tours of their floor operations, the locals will be able to direct you to one of the many that do. They are used to dealing with tourists who have come from all over the world to ask about auto glass, even if they sometimes pretend they are not. Do not be fooled.

The area's windows are known for their exceptional quality, and you can expect to be well protected from the warm, balmy climate while you're driving around and checking out the big tourist spots. Of course, you should always be prepared for disaster. As unlikely as it is that a mere rock—or even a despaired and determined bird—will leave a chip in this glass, it can happen. It should go without saying that you won't have to worry when this happens.

Windshield cracks delight the local craftsmen, who are eager to test their apprentices and challenge their own experience by providing the most skillful repairs. Novel types of repair are practiced here, and the recipes for many different clear sealants are closely guarded family secrets. However, in most cases, when you come into an auto shop with a crack, they will simply replace the windshield without any evidence of interest or enthusiasm. Do not be fooled.

It is not just the glass manufacturers that shouldn't be missed here. Take a trip down the coast to both enjoy the great views and to see the different types of customized windshields that are proudly used by the locals. When under the right combination of lights and special magnifying glasses, these windows show amazing patterns and often tell histories and fabled stories. In normal sunlight, however, they simply look like normal windshields.

It's not hard to see why this place is so beloved by those who take their cars seriously. Of all the auto glass destinations in the world, it is probably the most wondrous and beautiful. If you only take one trip in your life that's entirely based around windshields, it should probably be this one.